Is Shakeology Too Expensive?

When it comes to eating healthy, many people immediately complain that it is too expensive! Even after hearing about all the great health benefits of Shakeology, they argue, “Shakeology is too expensive.” They can’t afford it. But these same people will spend oodles of money on items that have no nutritional value and are actually bad for you.

Why People Ask Is Shakeology Too Expensive?

You may hear lots of people argue that Shakeology is a meal replacement, therefore when you replace a meal you are saving money. I am not a big fan of this line of thinking because I use Shakeology in addition to my regular meals. I don’t need to lose weight, just enjoy being healthier and feeling great. Compared to poor health, do you still think Shakeology is too expensive?

For me, Shakeology is an expense in addition to my regular meals. Here’s the catch. I confess that I used to buy a lot of snack foods like crackers, cheese, pretzels, chips, and so called “health bars”. Were any of these healthy? No! In fact, I felt awful after I ate them. I no longer buy those foods – a big savings on snack stuff.

I used to buy vitamins and supplements. With Shakeology, there is no need to use vitamins. It has all the vitamins I need. If you take Shakeology and vitamins, you are wasting money.

It’s a Mistake to Think Shakeology is Too Expensive

Here is the biggest way you save. Many people take a lot of medications on a monthly basis. High blood pressure pills, type 2 diabetes meds, and so many others I can’t even begin to list them here. I have heard of people who spend over $150 per month on pills! But they continue to eat a poor diet, low in nutrition and high in calories. More than half of the people in the U.S. take prescription drugs to battle conditions that can be resolved with proper nutrition.

With Shakeology, you can change all that. It can help you Lose Weight, Feel Energized, Improve Digestion and Regularity, Lower Cholesterol.

Did you know when you lower cholesterol you also lower your chances of heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in this country? With all these health concerns that can be solved through better nutrition, do you still think Shakeology is too expensive?

It’s almost ironic that people think nothing of spending money on medication, feeling like crap most of the time, undergoing major medical operations for lifestyle related illnesses, and paying unrealistically high cost for health care but won’t spend $4.00 a day on a superfood health shake that can contribute to reversing these ailments.

Is Shakeology Too Expensive? Buy it and find out!

Use Shakeology to Live a Healthy Life

Your daily nutritional decisions can either boost or lower your chances of living a healthy life. I know how hard it is to eat healthy foods, especially with a busy lifestyle. When you use Shakeology, it’s a win-win situation. You get healthier with an all-natural shake, made from only the highest quality super foods and it’s easy to make! You can even take it with you on the go. Believe me, after you experience living an energized and healthier life, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start using this health shake.

Pure Ingredients in Shakeology for Healthy Life

By using the purest ingredients from whole-food sources, Shakeology provides synergistic health benefits. Thousands of people are reaping the rewards of drinking this meal replacement shake and you can too. The creators of Shakeology are so sure that you’ll love it, they have a “bottom-of-the-bag”, money-back guarantee. This means that even if the bag is empty, you can get your money back if you feel it truly did not work for you.

Why is Shakeology so good for you? It combines over 80 healthy ingredients. None of these are artificial. Just to give you an idea of the powerful ingredients found in Shakeology, I want to share with you 3 important ingredients: Goji Berries, Maca Root and Quinoa. You can learn more about the others in our overview.

Maca Root Benefits in Shakeology

Is well known as nature’s Viagra! It’s an ancient Incan root that also helps with strength and stamina. Maca Root contains protein and energizes the central nervous system as well as provide good dietary fiber. You’ll also get the essential minerals and 19 of the 22 essential amino acids.

Goji Berries Benefits in Shakeology

This gorgeous red fruit is packed with nutritional value. They contain a full spectrum of adaptogenic enzymes, and are well known for helping to improve the immune system, improve eyesight, protect the liver and are very high in Vitamin A. are known among many other things to help enhance the immune system, better your eyesight, and help protect the liver. They are also extremely high in Vitamin A.

Quinoa Seed Benefits in Shakeology

Quinoa seed is so loaded with health benefits it’s known as “The Gold of the Incas.” Warriors from ancient times used it for increased stamina. Quinoa is very nutritious, containing a high protein content that is also of high quality. This complete protein contains all nine essential amino acids too. It’s a great source of dietary fiber, phosphorous, magnesium, and iron. And gluten free!

We’ve only explained 3 ingredients of Shakeology and they are powerful! Add in the others and you’ll be on your way to feeling better, weighing less, more energy, and much more.

You really have to try this superfood shake to understand the benefit you get over other drinks.

Use Shakeology to Live a Healthy Life

How Does Shakeology Compare to Other Health Shakes?

I get so many questions about how does Shakeology compare to other health shakes. Certainly, many protein shakes in the marketplace cost much less than Shakeology, so you may wonder why you should switch. If you base your decision on cost, you can miss out on the gains in nutrition and amazing health benefits you get with this super food shake.

Does Shakeology Compare to Other Shakes?

Making a comparison is almost not fair because you are not comparing items that are even similar enough to measure up. I am not saying that other protein health shakes are bad. In fact, many of them are great! It depends what you are looking for.

With Shakeology, you get much more than a protein shake. There are numerous health benefits that you gain from the impressive list of super food ingredients. You will never find those type of ingredients in most other meal replacement shakes simply because they were not designed that way. Many other shakes are created simply to give you the extra protein you need.

If all you want from a health shake is the extra protein in your daily dose, then Shakeology is probably not for you.

With ingredients that are derived from whole food sources, this collection of super foods work together to provide many health benefits like healthy weight loss, regularity, energy, lowered cholesterol and much more.

Aside from all the amazing whole foods, the protein source in Shakeology is whey protein isolate. It’s 90 percent pure protein, a very high grade. The majority of protein shakes out there do not compare to this high grade.

Ingredients in Shakeology Compare to Other Health Shakes

I won’t go into a huge comparison of all the ingredients in Shakeology because 99 percent of the competitors out there do not even contain similar ingredients.

Still wondering how does “Shakeology compare to other health shakes”? With a full profile of minerals, vitamins and whole food sources of phytonutrients, antioxidents, prebiotics, adaptogens, probiotics and digestive enzymes, you’d have to add a whole lot of supplements to the other brands in order to come close to what Shakeology has to offer.

Try Shakeology for 30 days.
You have to experience it to truly understand the health benefits

Shakeology Nutritional Value

Changes to what you consume daily will make you healthier and feel better. Whether you are an athlete or not, you should treat your body like one when it comes to diet and exercise and Shakeology nutritional value can help. Good nutrition is for everyone, not just athletes.

Shakeology Nutritional Value

When you consume 5 to 6 small, nutritious meals a day, you keep your blood sugar regulated, have more energy and improved digestion. When it comes to understanding nutritious foods, it’s more than just reading the label or knowing the calorie count.

More important is the nutritional value of foods which varies greatly due to agricultural practices and food processing and storage. Over the past 30 years nutritional value of foods has gone down. This means that even when you eat an apple, you are not getting the same percentage of nutrients as you would have 30 years ago.

Even when we eat the good stuff, we are missing nutrients. That’s why it’s important to supplement your daily eating with Shakeology nutritional value where you get:

  • Convenient and easy to use source
  • Balance of nutrients

Quality and Purity for Good Shakeology Nutritional Value

Shakeology is made from a complex formulation of over 83 ingredients that are selected for quality and purity. Yes, this makes a difference! The key is the sourcing of these ingredients. Beachbody uses a very precise manufacturing sequence for Shakeology’s ingredients. It’s real food people!

Did you know that competitor’s typically put 60 to 90% of ingredients in their drink? And it’s FDA approved. That’s not the case with Shakeology , where 100% plus overages makes up the ingredients.

Did you know that less expensive meal replacement shakes use whey protein that is one grade above livestock grade? This health shake uses grade 7 whey protein concentrate.

Competing products also use artificial ingredients. Natural flavors, like you find in Shakeology, take 5 times as much to produce but are better for our bodies. That’s why I drink it.

Now you understand why “Shakeology nutritional value” is so unique and so special, there is nothing that compares to it.

Buy Shakeology for best nutritional value!

30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Shakeology 90-Day Challenge

Take the Shakeology Challenge and join those who have already experienced success with a health shake that tastes the best and is the most effective weight loss shake you can buy.

Shakeology is a highly nutritious shake that provides you with total nutrition while helping you lose weight. Formulated with real super food ingredients, you can achieve real weight loss and improved health results just like thousands of other people who together,  have lost millions of pounds!

Join the 90-Day Challenge

With Shakeology, you can join the trend toward good health by taking the 90 day challenge and lose the weight for good. The Shakeology shake works because it provides a nutritious option with:

  • 140 calories per serving with 15-17 grams of whey protein to improve satiety, or the state of feeling full
  • Only 1 gram of fat and 100 mg of sodium
  • 23 vitamins and minerals, including all the B vitamins and 500 mg of calcium
  • Antioxidants and phytochemicals derived from whole plants and fruit sources
  • No artificial sweeteners. Gluten free. Caffeine free.

It’s also convenient, especially when you have a busy life filled with work, children, spouses, carpools, school, and everything else! Now you can make a great tasting meal in less than 1 minute. The best part is that you don’t have to wonder if you are putting something bad in your body like many other weight loss shakes. Shakeology is made from over 70, 100% natural ingredients so it’s a smart choice.

Commit to YOUR Shakeology 90-Day Challenge today!

  1. BUY SHAKEOLOGY. Choose from bulk or individuals packets in 2 great flavors: Chocolate and Greenberry (Tropical will be available soon!)
  2. JOIN THE BEACHBODY CHALLENGE. Join the hundreds of thousands of people who are experiencing weight loss and getting healthy together! When you “Commit to Get Fit” for free, you’ll be automatically eligible for $500 every single day. Just for signing up you’ll get a cool wristband. Be sure to commit as soon as you receive your Shakeology order!
  3. TAKE YOUR BEFORE PICTURE. Believe me, this is the least favorite part of getting started. It’s no fun, but you’ll be seriously glad you did later. Make sure you get a shot of your whole body from the front, back, and both sides. And just wear shorts or a bathing suit. You don’t have to show it to anyone. But when you’ve finished your program, you’re going to be amazed how far you’ve come.
  4. MEASURE YOURSELF. You’ll be happy you did, especially when you see those inches disappear from your body. Be sure to use the FREE Team Beachbody fitness tools to post your pictures and measurements so you can keep track!
  5. DO THE 3-DAY SHAKEOLOGY CLEANSE. Jumpstart your weight loss with this 3-day cleanse. You will lots of great nutrients into just a few number of calories.
  6. REPLACE ONE MEAL A DAY WITH SHAKEOLOGY. Nourish your body with nutrients, lose weight, reduce cravings, increase energy, promotes regularity and healthy digestion! It’s about time you start feeling great!
  7. EXERCISE. Start moving and burn up those calories.
  8. GET YOUR SHAKEOLOGY FREE! Shakeology is so great and even better when it’s free. When you find 3 friends to join you on your Shakeology weight loss challenge, I’ll show you how to get yours FREE! It’s fun when you have encouragement, accountability, and good friends to lose weight together.

The Shakeology challenge has helped thousands of people with weight loss and getting healthy. Be the next person that looks and feels great with Shakeology.

Shakeology is made of all natural nutrient dense ingredients to help you maximize results. Are you ready to lose weight? This 30-day supply contains everything you need to help transform your body, including 2 Shakeology workouts to burn up the calories and jump start your weight loss!

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How to Live Healthier With Superfoods

During recent years, a quiet yet determined revolution has been taking place; millions of people are changing their lifestyles to become healthier, happier and greener. There is a big swing towards things more natural, and this is especially evident in the increasing popularity of superfoods.

These foods are said to provide extraordinary health benefits, and they usually consist of foods that are rich in phytochemicals.

This is a special kind of chemical naturally found in superfoods that is reported to have disease-fighting properties. These foods furthermore help to reduce the risk for certain kinds of cancer, strengthens and aids the immune system, and even reduce inflammation.

Superfoods Keep You Healthier

That’s where Shakeology comes in. Containing the most potent super foods and essential nutrients available, Shakeology helps repair and strengthen your body on a cellular level.

There is no definitive list about which foods are classified as superfoods, but almost everybody agrees that many berries, including blueberries, grapes and cranberries fall in this category. Tomatoes also feature high on many lists because they contains a high percentage of lycopene and beta carotene that is said to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and to reduce the risk for prostate cancer.

Foods that contain high levels of probiotic agents, such as garlic, honey and aloe, as well as most dark green vegetables, are also classified in this category. Foods like avocado pears and olive oil that is high in nutrients but low in harmful fats are particular favorites while most experts agree on the many benefits that can be gained from beans and soy products.

Shakeology’s ingredients contain over 70 of these natural foods .

Even if you tried to eat the recommended USDA servings of fruits and vegetables, you would not get as much nutrition as you get in a single glass of Shakeology.

Many benefits can be enjoyed by including a variety of superfoods in a standard, healthy diet because all these foods are excellent sources of natural fiber and a host of vitamins and minerals. People that are following a weight-loss diet specifically benefit from the fact that these foods are high in nutrients but low in calories, which means that large portions can be consumed.

Live Healthier with No Artificial Ingredients

When you consider the fact that Shakeology contains no artificial ingredients and is specially formulated for maximum cellular available, how can you say NO to that?

There is no other health shake that can provide the type of nutrition you find in hundreds of super foods. Shakeology delivers what the others do not!

Use Shakeology and start getting healthy today!

Free Shipping with all monthly autoship orders! Stay healthy my friends!

Shakeology Drink Health Benefits

One of the major problems associated with a modern diet is the many artificial substances consumed by the average person. Colorants, flavorings and preservatives seem to be the major ingredients in almost all food. Shakeology aims to change this. Basically, it is a meal replacement drink that is highly delicious and nutritious. This health shake has more than seventy healthy natural ingredients and less than 140 calories. When you start drinking Shakeology, you will notice a difference in the way you feel.

Buy Shakeology today

Shakeology contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, gluten or caffeine, making it perfect for consumption by people suffering from a variety of food allergies as well.

A patent-pending product, Shakeology contains many benefits. It is certainly delicious and packed with ingredients that help people to lose weight, gain energy, improve digestion and lowers cholesterol. Shakeology is a viable alternative to highly processed foods and experts advise that you should replace at least one meal per day. Shakeology also offers the additional advantage of helping to curb the craving for food while at the same time working to help the body get rid of unhealthy fat.

Experts agree that the different blends of antioxidants and phytonutrients may help individuals to fight a variety of diseases. This is typically achieved through fighting free radicals that damage the cells. Regular use can lead to important benefits such as a reduced risk for contracting heart disease, lowering of blood pressure and lessening the chances for strokes. Many of these conditions are brought on by the many toxins most people consume on a regular basis, and Shakeology helps to negate the effect of these toxins.

Those people enthusing about the health benefits of Shakeology points out that the problem with most health supplements is that they fail to provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals that should form part of a normal diet. The shake form of this product allows all the vital minerals and vitamins to be readily absorbed by the body. Apparently, it even creates a conductive environment for friendly bacteria in the digestive system. It is even said to boost the immune system, which is certainly a major benefit.

There can be little doubt that a large number of people are looking for ways in which to lose weight, to lead a healthier lifestyle and to move back to more natural ways of nutrition. Shakeology can provide answers for many people and that it can play a significant role in the design of your healthy, balanced diet.

Buy Shakeology today