Shakeology Weight Loss and Energy Review

With Shakeology, people lose weight and also gain other health benefits that affect their daily life. With benefits like weight loss, lowered blood pressure, increased energy, and better cholesterol levels, it’s no wonder that this all natural shake is the number one choice for millions of people just like you. You can even use Shakeology shake as a recovery drink when doing intense fitness programs like P90X, Insanity and TurboFire.

If you are person that can’t stop craving certain foods, Shakeology can help reduce those cravings as you learn to eat a healthy diet to accomplish your weight loss goals.

With over 70 ingredients, you won’t find the unsafe, unnatural sweeteners found in cheap shake products. In just one 140 calorie serving of Shakeology, you get 100 to 300 percent of your daily vitamins and minerals plus other healthy ingredients that you won’t find in any other health drink.

Shakeology Helps Increase Energy

Caterina has increased energy after drinking Shakeology. She used to drink coffee and Red Bull drink to energize but not anymore. She threw away those nasty drinks and traded up to Shakeology shakes.

She got more than energized with this health shake. Her nails  also grew superfast and got very strong. She used to have to wear acrylic nails which damaged her real nails but Shakeology helped solve that problem.

Shakeology Helps Digestive Health and Weight Loss

Kristen was on colitis medications and Shakeology gave her the digestive health to stop those meds. Within a couple months, she also experienced a weight loss of  7 pounds. Prior to drinking Shakeology, she could not lose weight at all even though she was exercising. She feels increased energy, more confident, and healthy.

If you have tried other ridiculous diets that don’t work, it’s time you turn to Shakeology. This daily nutritional shake can help your body eliminate toxins while providing the essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you need to try it! You have nothing to lose but a little weight and everything to gain.

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Shakeology Weight Loss Review

The Shakeology weight loss program really works! You can lose weight and benefit in other ways.

Shakeology Weight Loss Review

Patricia was 48 years old and lived in Minnesota. She had been trying to lose a little extra weight for quite some time without success. Despite exercising faithfully, she could not make that last 10 pounds disappear

After drinking a Shakeology shake every day for a week, she found that she had a dramatic increase in energy levels too. She slept soundly at night and felt better during the day. She no longer needed two cups of coffee to get going every day! With Shakeology, she could meet all of her nutritional needs by just drinking one glass of natural super-foods. Experiencing weight loss was the best benefit of all!

It was easier to get up at 4:30 in the morning every day, too. Lack of sleep had always been a problem for her, but now she sleeps well, so she can get up early.

Lose the Fat – Weight Loss Review

She was not able to get rid of the fat on her belly that had accumulated during her pregnancy with her third baby when she was in her thirties. Although she had her last child over 15 years previously and had been working out consistently ever since, she still could not shed those extra pounds.

At the age of 48, she felt she might just have to settle for her body “as-is.” Then she decided to try a new approach. After using Shakeology and doing the Beachbody workout, she was able to see the abdominal muscles she’d been focusing on for so long. And without any bloating! She was so excited about her weight loss that it kept her motivated to keep going.

Also, while not extremely overweight, she had very elevated cholesterol levels. She found that her cholesterol level was at 235! Because she drinks Shakeology daily, her cholesterol level is currently 197. It was a tremendous change.

She was very busy with her full-time job and her family, so she knew that she would have a hard time getting the right nutrition. With Shakeology, she is sure to get just the right nutrition.

You may think Shakeology is just a protein shake, but you’d be wrong! You can use this great meal replacement shake as a meal or a snack, because it is made of highly nutritious super-foods. The ingredients are nutrient dense.

Super-foods perform some essential functions in your body. Shakeology regulates your metabolism, increases your energy levels and helps you to feel satisfied. If you want to give your body great nutrition and lose weight too, that’s what you must have. It is Shakeology, the sole meal replacement shake you really need!

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Shakeology Review – Dr. Adam Schaffner

Dr. Adam Schaffner – Shakeology review
Plastic Surgeon, New York, NY

“Shakeology has a lot of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants that help provide the energy that I need to be functioning at a peak level during the day. I know that four dollars certainly is not very expensive if you compare it to say, going to Burger King or to McDonalds and getting a hamburger, french fries and a Coke.

That alone will easily cost you four dollars. So if you’re looking to say, “OK, what I can do that’s going to be nutritious, that’s going to be healthy, that’s not going to cause me to have additional health problems, with increased cholesterol, increased fat and give me the energy that I’m looking for?”, certainly for four dollars, this is a great alternative.” Read more Shakeology reviews.

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Shakeology Review – Dr. William Katkov

Dr. William Katkov’s Shakeology Review
Gastroenterologist, Santa Monica, CA

“As a Gastroenterologist, I really like Shakeology because of its nutritional value and low caloric content. The value of all of the components in Shakeology helps to maintain a balance of healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, maintaining a sense of well-being and avoiding a lot of the symptoms associated with irregularity and irritable bowel syndrome.” Read more Shakeology reviews.

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