Shakeology Tropical Strawberry Vegan

The new Shakeology Tropical flavor is a great way to improve your health the easy way while staying true to your vegan diet.

This Shakeology comes in fruity flavors such as banana, strawberry, and pineapple. This is a vegan smoothie that provides healthy natural nutrition to help improve your health. The flavor is delicious and is a healthy addition to your daily diet.

Ingredients of Shakeology Tropical

Shakeology Tropical shakes are easy to digest and provide your body with the essential amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.  Shakeology is vegan and filled with antioxidant rich foods such as coconut nectar, luo han huo, konjac roots, and a special salt. The nutrients are all from healthy and natural food ingredients. You don’t need supplemental vitamins and fortified foods if you eat a healthy diet.

  • Coconut nectar: This nectar is naturally sweet, and rich in nutrients. It contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, ranks low on the glycemic index, and gives you a slow release of energy.
  • Luo Han Guo: this is a low calorie fruit that also adds a sweet flavor. This was used in Asia for its antioxidant properties and medicinal qualities. This is also low-hypoglycemic, which helps regulate your body’s sugar levels to keep keep your metabolism running strong.
  • Rare Himalayan Salt: this is a low toxin salt. Even this lends to the sweet flavor.
  • Konjac Root: Contains a soluble fiber that absorbs about 200 of its weight in water. This will make your stomach take longer to digest your food, allowing you to stay full for a longer period of time.

If you need to improve your health, get rid of your fat, and boost your energy levels, Tropical Shakeology will do the job perfectly.

What is the cost of Shakeology Tropical?

The cost of Shakeology is $129 per 30-day supply (bulk or packets),which is $9 more than the Chocolate and Greenberry ingredients formulations. More than just a new flavor, Shakeology Tropical is a vegan health shake in an entire new formulation that is part of the Beachbody Ultimate brand. No ordinary shake, this super food health drink contains an amazing array of whole foods, including fermented brown-rice protein.

It’s the best of the best. “Shakeology Tropical” contains NO caffeine, NO gluten, NO soy, and NON-GMO (genetically modified organisms).

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