How Does Shakeology Compare to Other Health Shakes?

I get so many questions about how does Shakeology compare to other health shakes. Certainly, many protein shakes in the marketplace cost much less than Shakeology, so you may wonder why you should switch. If you base your decision on cost, you can miss out on the gains in nutrition and amazing health benefits you get with this super food shake.

Does Shakeology Compare to Other Shakes?

Making a comparison is almost not fair because you are not comparing items that are even similar enough to measure up. I am not saying that other protein health shakes are bad. In fact, many of them are great! It depends what you are looking for.

With Shakeology, you get much more than a protein shake. There are numerous health benefits that you gain from the impressive list of super food ingredients. You will never find those type of ingredients in most other meal replacement shakes simply because they were not designed that way. Many other shakes are created simply to give you the extra protein you need.

If all you want from a health shake is the extra protein in your daily dose, then Shakeology is probably not for you.

With ingredients that are derived from whole food sources, this collection of super foods work together to provide many health benefits like healthy weight loss, regularity, energy, lowered cholesterol and much more.

Aside from all the amazing whole foods, the protein source in Shakeology is whey protein isolate. It’s 90 percent pure protein, a very high grade. The majority of protein shakes out there do not compare to this high grade.

Ingredients in Shakeology Compare to Other Health Shakes

I won’t go into a huge comparison of all the ingredients in Shakeology because 99 percent of the competitors out there do not even contain similar ingredients.

Still wondering how does “Shakeology compare to other health shakes”? With a full profile of minerals, vitamins and whole food sources of phytonutrients, antioxidents, prebiotics, adaptogens, probiotics and digestive enzymes, you’d have to add a whole lot of supplements to the other brands in order to come close to what Shakeology has to offer.

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