Is Shakeology Too Expensive?

When it comes to eating healthy, many people immediately complain that it is too expensive! Even after hearing about all the great health benefits of Shakeology, they argue, “Shakeology is too expensive.” They can’t afford it. But these same people will spend oodles of money on items that have no nutritional value and are actually bad for you.

Why People Ask Is Shakeology Too Expensive?

You may hear lots of people argue that Shakeology is a meal replacement, therefore when you replace a meal you are saving money. I am not a big fan of this line of thinking because I use Shakeology in addition to my regular meals. I don’t need to lose weight, just enjoy being healthier and feeling great. Compared to poor health, do you still think Shakeology is too expensive?

For me, Shakeology is an expense in addition to my regular meals. Here’s the catch. I confess that I used to buy a lot of snack foods like crackers, cheese, pretzels, chips, and so called “health bars”. Were any of these healthy? No! In fact, I felt awful after I ate them. I no longer buy those foods – a big savings on snack stuff.

I used to buy vitamins and supplements. With Shakeology, there is no need to use vitamins. It has all the vitamins I need. If you take Shakeology and vitamins, you are wasting money.

It’s a Mistake to Think Shakeology is Too Expensive

Here is the biggest way you save. Many people take a lot of medications on a monthly basis. High blood pressure pills, type 2 diabetes meds, and so many others I can’t even begin to list them here. I have heard of people who spend over $150 per month on pills! But they continue to eat a poor diet, low in nutrition and high in calories. More than half of the people in the U.S. take prescription drugs to battle conditions that can be resolved with proper nutrition.

With Shakeology, you can change all that. It can help you Lose Weight, Feel Energized, Improve Digestion and Regularity, Lower Cholesterol.

Did you know when you lower cholesterol you also lower your chances of heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in this country? With all these health concerns that can be solved through better nutrition, do you still think Shakeology is too expensive?

It’s almost ironic that people think nothing of spending money on medication, feeling like crap most of the time, undergoing major medical operations for lifestyle related illnesses, and paying unrealistically high cost for health care but won’t spend $4.00 a day on a superfood health shake that can contribute to reversing these ailments.

Is Shakeology Too Expensive? Buy it and find out!